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Some kind words from people who have recently used our services....

  • The biggest thing for us was being able to leave X somewhere with no concerns for him. He had never been able to attend a club as he fits between mainstream and specialist and no clubs suit/are able to support. - Lego Club, 2021
  • A friendly, calm and welcoming space to chat to other mums and to Kirsty and Maria, a lifeline during lockdown! - Early Days, 2021
  • Thank you! It was so much fun and I really feel we benefited from the time. Being a new mum can be really tough and having things in the diary to look forward to have really helped me cope! - Songs & Rhymes, 2021
  • The sessions were so great and the fact parents could wait if they liked and meet other SEN parents was also so valuable. Thank you all so much. - Lego Club, 2021
  • It was great for my son to have an after school activity independent of school. He loved the sessions. It was good for his confidence. - Lego Club, 2021
  • I feel I understand anger better now and can spot it escalating and intervene. - Time Out For Parents: Handling Anger, Dec 2021
  • Well delivered, lots of opportunity to discuss and share strategies, relaxed. - Time Out For Parents: Handling Anger, Dec 2021
  • Genuinely useful course that I’m sure will have a lasting impression on me. £10 is very good value and makes it accessible to everyone. This course would be beneficial to all parents I think, regardless of their individual circumstances. - Time Out For Parents: Handling Anger, Dec 2021
  • It’s already had a real positive impact on my home life, especially in managing my own anger and therefore a positive knock on effect in my children. - Time Out For Parents: Handling Anger, Dec 2021
  • Provided help and support, was great at helping me step back and calm down. Helped fight my corner.
  • They gave help, support and advice (although I was often reluctant to hear the advice).
  • Caring, easy to talk to, easy to contact. It was like having a friend. Did not judge.
  • Helpful, knowledgeable, empathetic. Nothing too much trouble. It was very reassuring. We really appreciate your help and don't know what we would have done without you.
  • Ali was so helpful, as she knew us she was able to offer solutions, help fill in forms, access information and support.
  • A friendly, well run centre. The staff are excellent. Thank you for all your support.
  • The Centre is a brilliant resource for the community. The staff are approachable and knowledgeable. The activities are wide ranging and allow each child to find something that appeals to them. We love it!